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I feel really tired, I was dating a boy who constantly lied to me after me foolishly giving him so many chances. He hurt me over and over again. He had this girl bestfriend and refused to stop talking to her…I never thought much of it until I figured out that he went to her house last week after telling me he was going to sleep. I never thought I’d care for someone and be as hurt before. I trusted someone with so many things, and I foolishly allowed it to keep going on. My friends tried to warn me but I told them, “you cant just stop talking to someone even if their hurting you, he still loves me” well, little did I know he stopped loving me last month…And waited another month to tell me that he didn’t wanna be together anymore. I was always the one saying sorry for the things he did wrong…I could never show love to myself…I always had to put him first I sooner thought to myself to look more into it…So I did, I found so many things that I wish never happened. I now choose to Listen to my friends because no matter how much I loved him I was tired of being hurt all the time, I was tired of crying, not eating, not sleeping, and not being the same. But, I will forever feel this way till something sparks a joy in me. I never felt I could trust someone as much as I trusted him. He was always the one I had gone to first, then i noticed that he always left me to be with this one girl…then he left me to tth all the time…play faught…then ended up going to her house. It takes time to find your worth, and I never found time to look for what my worth was…I was so relied on him to make me feel worthy enough, but since what he did…I feel not worthy to anybody…I feel easliy replaced.

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Sunshine @little_sunshine

I have gone through it just like one month ago 😊
Trust me it took a lot of courage and strength to overcome from this
For your own mental and emotional well-being first accept the truth
Accept that you deserve someone better
You don’t deserve someone who constant lie and cheat
So I saw this real and the girl said if are crying constantly are you dating a man or a Onion
You see you can’t cry for someone for too long because at last its you who matters right
But for this you have to understand your worth and I totally agree that it’s not easy but it’s not impossible
Ask yourself what have you done to receive so much pain
Nothing right
First delete him
From everywhere
No contact nothing
You don’t know him
Your heart is going to cry but it will be going to ok soon 💕
Now come to yourself
See what were your dreams
How to achieve
Get yourself a gift
Take yourself out on date
Enjoy your own company
Affirmation it helps you a lot girl I’m telling you
First thing in morning
Tell yourself how great you are
Remind yourself that you deserve best
You are irreplaceable

You don’t need someone who don’t treat you right
You can’t love someone who is full of lies
Why are you hurting yourself
This journey from overcoming is going to be like hell
I understand I have gone through it
But trust me you deserve better
And don’t forget that there are many who are with you
And you can’t feel unworthy just because of one person
Who is going to matter you after a while

I’m here for you ❤️

Sunshine @little_sunshine

*not going to matter after a while


tysm…this made me smile!

Sunshine @little_sunshine

Keep smiling like this only


Stay strong dear


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