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I feel proud of myself. Once every two weeks, my school has an ‘off’ day of sorts, where students use their period to get caught up on work (this day is given out to older students). My school decided to skip the ‘off’ day this week, but my friend and I were especially struggling from the work. I asked around, and apparently many other people were also struggling. So I created a ‘petition’ of sorts and in a few hours I was able to gather a decent amount of ‘signatures’ (if you would even call them that). I wrote a letter to the school administration and asked them to keep the ‘off’ day, and as support I told them the people who wanted and needed the ‘off’ day. They responded and told me they couldn’t give us a proper ‘off’ day as it was too last minute, but they asked out teachers to give us some time in each class to do work - if possible. I am proud I was able to take action and get something done, a few students criticised me, but some thanked me.

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so proud of uh


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