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I feel numb…
So, earlier my boyfriend used to compliment, appreciate and motivate whatever I used to do but now, he assures me that he loves me but doesn’t treat me like he used to, this is the reason I don’t feel like talking to him. I once told this to him indirectly but then too he didn’t change.
Now since some days I’m a little busy with my work and I don’t talk to him. It was almost 5days straight I didn’t talk to him in place of thinking about that I was busy somewhere he got angry and is not behaving good with me… he doesn’t respect that I maybe busy somewhere, if he’s free he wants me to be free n talk…I love him but I really don’t feel like talking to him anymore… what should I do?

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Jayesh @jayesh_b20

Tell rhem directly


He loves me how should I say that because of your behaviour towards me I don’t feel like talking to you, he’s someone who gets angry very easily




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