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I feel more upset than usual.

Why do people HAVE to make you feel bad about things when you catagorically tell them not to.

A close friend of mine just said his exam pressure is more than mine because its a license to practice outside the country. Meanwhile I have to sit for aptitudes followed by interviews for my masters and being a clinically diagnosed person with anxiety even small things feel very overwhelming to me. I was just telling him how I almost never have enough confidence to go through even though I have cleared a few (2-3) interviews after almost losing my shit since my anxiety doesnt allow me to do so and he is like

But you should be used to it now
You should have gathered the courage by now
I would have to take history of unknown people to get through my exam
I have to go through so many cases and take history with real people in a day (something which has been doing actively since 2 yrs now)

Why does he even have to compare ๐Ÿ˜. Technically he should be the one being more comfortable with the whole process but no, you have to say I am inferior and you are not. Narc.

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