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I feel like something is going on but don’t know what… and some people want me to fall in love with some body everywhere I go… but i know is something fishy going on and don’t do nothing…. And the thing is that I don’t feel that important.

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Ricky @ricky_

I feel ya…dw. Don’t be afraid to fall in love but yea be very choosy and selective and make sure you can have him/her forever with you either as your friend or partner.


I found that so hard to do. It’s like I don’t trust nobody not even my family.

Dartmouth @mortalzar

Don’t fall in love just because someone wants you to…
I mean this doesn’t make any sense…

It happens naturally…
And just because people around us are having relationship doesn’t mean we need to be with someone.
Being envy about them is natural.
From my experience.u would rather be happy single than a relationship that started with some envious thought.
Love and relationship…it’s not like a task or exam.
We are talking about people with flesh and strategies don’t work here…there is no SOP to hook in a right partner.
Yes for platonic relationship it will work…but your goals are different here
Don’t get in relationship ‘just’ to fill the vaccum in ur life…
Love shall be built on some solid foundations like…
Trust,care, understanding,health, compassion,and free from ego and such feelings





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