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I feel like people don’t like me calm. Anybody I talk to is always trying to get a rise out of me. I just have a good day, someone comes around and ruins it, I’m trying, oh god, I’m trying so hard to maintain a good mood, but it’s like people don’t want me to.
I can hear my brain telling me to calm down but people keep hurting my feelings and it feels like I’m incredibly stupid to not stay calm when people act like that.

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mariya khan @samad_ahmed

Hey that’s totally alright, don’t think about those people


I try, I really do but those people are all around me, friends who visit, family who live nearby, i just dont know what to do.

mariya khan @samad_ahmed

That’s absolutely fine. Just try to talk to them and also have a bit patience 🙂. They are our parents and they have that right to tell u what’s wrong and what’s right, we do what we want to but atleast listen to them.


I tried, trust me I did, but it’s like they are doing it on purpose. I tried but ended up being called a useless person.

Jack Moo @mars_we

Don’t care about other other because they are idiots you are best and you can achieve your dream.


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