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I feel like killing myself sometimes but unable to do’s very frustrating to live now I expect my family to give me some peacetime to start my career which again messed up and talk to be and in the family I mean mom but every time I try to talk but it becomes I fight and it’s more killing. I want to live but I didn’t see hope😓

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I know this can be frustrating. When parents act out of anger their kid’s powerless.
Here’s what I think you can do. Sit down and tell them to say everything they want to. Don’t reply. Pick a time when they are free. Only show interest during this time and respect their opinion. After a few days pick a time they are in a good mood. And tell them everything you think and what you believe in. Express your emotions (if you feel like it cry it’s good for you) and show you’re vulnerable side. Tell them that you feel suicidal and wanna die. Tell them in your most honest opinion what you feel towards each of them. Don’t criticize them and don’t pass descriptions of them make sure this about you. ONLY YOU. Tell them what you feel when you look at there face and hear their voice. What you feel, only what you feel.not what you feel about them but how you feel when you interact. Show ingenuity and sincerity. Make’em realise your emotions your feelings. Obviously this is easier said than Done.

Gurjeevan @gurjeevan

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