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I feel like I can’t shake the feeling of anxiety. I have it constantly every waking hour. I try to ignore it as much as possible but it keeps lingering and once I have time to have my mind wonder it gets worse. I stress about environmental issues, family life (not wanting children now but time is running out) keeping the few people I have in my life happy since I’m a people pleaser and I absolutely hate it. And then being stressed at night that burglars are going to break in and take everything we have. Not to mention the normal anxiety things such as a dead end career and financial stuff. Sorry just had to let it out. Any positive outcome?

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Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Hey, i think you need to consult a psychiatrist.


Hi, whatever you’re going through, and you know it is your anxiety setting in. So, if you’ve consulted a therapist before and if there are certain things that work for you, then do those. If you’ve never consulted with a therapist so far, then now might be a good idea. They’ll be able to help you figure out what the root cause is and help put you on the path to discover what works for you. As far as my personal advice goes, it would be to jot down all the impossible thoughts and tasks. Listing down what’s bothering you, out of which finding what bothers you the most and then seeing if the other worries are just a byproduct of that or not. That will help you identify what is really bohtering you the most. The positive part is you being able to list your thoughts and identifying what is bothering you. This means you do have that touch with your inner self and are not in denial and are aware of your self. Focusing on your breath, when that feeling of anxiety kicks in, might be a good idea. Just breathing in and out. There are several other exercises that exist that help in coping. For instance, recognising 5 things in your surroundings that you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. lmk if these helped ? and what you decided to do eventually xx


Thank you for the advice ❤️ I think I will try a few things and see what works best. Haha I hate being such a stress bunny.


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