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I feel like having a perpetual existential crisis. Nothing seems to have any meaning. I don’t like this feeling, and at the same time not being optimistic about anything. This sucks. I am scared that this might never change.

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Hello. With all that’s going around in the world, these feelings are bound to affect you even more than normal. I had the same feelings for about 3 weeks and I was not able to be positive or work at all. I was not productive or happy at all, infact I had sessions where I used to just cry. So, I can completely understand what you’re feeling right now. But honestly, I promise you that it will get better. If not now, then in a little while, but it definitely will. You will feel better and this too shall pass! Take care❤️ Also, here to listen if you have anything else to share, you’re not alone in this :)

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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

The world and life are actually absurd.
The absurdity isn’t a very new concept, it has been a very famous topic in philosophy for a very long time.

The way I see it is that the world and life are meaningless so that we can give it or create meaning.

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