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I feel like all the solutions to my problems is death be it suicide. The frustration levels at times like these is at its peak. At that time I see a smiling family photo and all I know is I can’t risk those smiles for my relief. I think of my parents smiles and before I know it all the negative thoughts flow out.

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Afreen @afreen

When you have a loving and caring family in your life you have everything.
Trust me they are always with you ,they’ll always support you come what may.
Don’t waste your life do something productive


Nothing should matter a person more than their family and loved once. Dont ever let these thoughts push you to the level you start giving up. Difficulties are a apart and parcel of life. Fight them and never give up. Remember that you are blessed to have a wonderful and supporting family and nothing is precious than that.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

It’s amazing how you’re thinking about your parents. I know it’s hard to find solutions to all the problems overnight. But you’re very strong and you will find your way one step at a time. Till then, keep smiling, keep fighting and never lose hope. We all are here for you. Much love.


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