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I feel in India due reservation and stuff there are seats which is wasted as giving a seat to st/Sc/obc is a really sad and they don’t even put effort and study reservation should be removed from all the levels it is backening Indian economy

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I agree to your point, completely. I was very very against reservation when it was my time to clear the cutoffs and select the colleges. But trust me, hard work never becomes a waste

Avni @avni

I think i can understand where you are coming from. But, you have to understand that these marginlised sections are still pretty backward in terms of educational opportunities that only the well off amongst the categories are able to get. In that respect, i do feel reservations are necessary but yeah, i understand, as with any applied system, this has a lot of loopholes that backfire.


Agreed. Rather than reservations on caste we should have it on economic status.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

It’s true that the system is being misused since the longest time

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

True dude . Seats should be given to those who deserve them , rather than on the basis of caste system


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