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I feel angry, sad, frustrated, empty. How can it be that year after year I just do the same thing? How can it be that now matter how I try I can never find the motivation to break my unhealthy cycle? I just keep decaying year by year. Things around me pass like nothing to me. I don’t even know what to do… I can never finish what I want to do. A book, a drawing, a song, my writing, learn something new, a series, etc. I abandon everything and I always come back to my fucking bed. Doing nothing, always depending on my phone, depending on social media. I feel bad yet I do nothing. I feel like I try, yet I feel like I didn’t do nothing at all to change. I’m useless. School is the only thing keeping me conscious and productive.
I’m ashamed of myself. I’m stuck. I’m always stuck. Words of courage became so useless it makes me feel more dumb. It seems so simple to get up and do all I want to do, be more positive… why am I like this? why I can’t move on from the past? why I can’t be enjoying life and doing the most of it instead of laying on my bed being sad about life and desmotivated by myself? I always do the same. Always. I try to escape but this cycle has me chained. My head is about to explode… this headache is annoying and frustrating. I don’t understand anything anymore. My feeling are numb, my mind is always numb as if nothing of this is real.
I just want to quit and see the world progress from above

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Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, please don’t demotivate yourself. It’s the precious time of the life to make something meaningful and do the best you can. Don’t let yourself down. Try to move on as soon as possible and have a bright version of life. All the best.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hello… Please don’t get demotivated and also  don’t feel ashamed of yourself. You just need some time with yourself. Just sit and relax and think where things are going wrong. Don’t feel lost.Find your motivation and stay happy.


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