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I ended yet another talking stage and it still sucks. I just want the happily forever after part that I’ll put up with shitty behaviour. It’s like you know you deserve better but you still put yourself through it. I’m my own toxic behaviour. Self sabotage is my middle name.

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Shynee @shynee_13

I can completely relate with you. It’s normal. You just keep hoping that things will change. Everything will be normal so let’s just not give up and let’s just keep trying. You give all your efforts as much as you can . Because you believe in yourself. You believe that your positivity can turn everything around. It’s a bit being harsh on yourself but you cannot resist because you are a nice person and you have a loving heart that stops you from giving up. Good people always deserve great things. You will eventually heal and one day you"ll see what you really deserve.


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