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i don’t know why i’m currently self harming. i suddenly relapsed a month ago and i cut like crazy for a week and then suddenly stopped. and then i don’t know what happened but i started again yesterday, but don’t feel the need to do it today. my life isn’t great right now, but there’s nothing that i think could be a trigger. it’s really frustrating not knowing why i’m doing it.

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Dimple @dimplebhagchandani

Hey! You do realise self harm is not what you deserve - which is a great first step!
I’m not sure if you’ve been to a counselor or a therapist to help you identify what your trigger points are, because that is key in ensuring you stop once and for all.
If you are feeling clueless about it , I’m sure talking about episodes and what you were thinking just prior to them would help iron it out. More often than not, therapy helps you see things you otherwise don’t see, or don’t want to accept :)
I hope this helps and I do hope you seek professional guidance.


sometimes it’s just an impulse and a habit of doing it more than any particular reason


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