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I don’t know why i get sad and have mental break downs at night. I am crying now. I just remembered how my ex gf messaged me all the time when i texted. But now i am waiting till she replies all day. I wish the healing process was faster.

My heart is heavy. Wish i could go back to the time i didn’t know her. Not because i love her. But because maybe we both wouldn’t have been in this pain if that happened. But i am grateful for all the time i spent with her. For every moment i shared. That’s what keeps me going.

I wish i could direct this pain and sadness to something good. Something productive. But i feel like my energy is draining.

Am i wrong to be yearning for her love still? Am i wrong to feel this way? Am i wrong for loving too hard?

I want ask the universe why this happened to me. But i don’t know. This pain and sadness never seems to end.

No matter how much i think that i would control messaging her, everytime she replies, i get excited. I forget everything and strat messaging. I forget always, that she also is trying to move on… I feel bad for being like this.

I used to be a very strong person. I don’t know what happened to me. Love hurts. I feel sorry for myself. I want to take care of myself better. Love me better. But i feel like my life got just stucked.

Feeling lonely. And sad. Crying in pain. Hoping a miracle would happen, tho deep down inside i know it’s not possible.

Post anonymously?

I tried to explain before. Maybe you get a new perspective here and helps you.

You are not wrong but wrong for still trying to communicate in hope of things getting better again rather than dealing with the fact it’s over. You have answers to all your questions, just need a direction to move on. You can do this on your own if you gather the courage to do it.


Hey…bro i dono wht to say but life is more than just being depressed…u have to stand up for ur self…nd life is not fair to everyone but we have to keep going…ur stroy is so similar to mine…this happenend to me also bro…she took ur feelings for granted…if u give a monkey two bananas and two hundred rupees the monkey will choose the banana…it does not know that 200rs can buy many more bananas she does not know ur worth bro…i hope u see ur worth in this world…i will pray for that u get over this


People talk to u when they need a favour or killing boredom and dump u when u are useless just become rich she will come to u running if she doesn’t come then she has another boyfrnd so she has dumped u this is the truth don’t waste time and get stronger