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I don’t know what’s happening to me lately but I keep snapping at people for no reason, I make myself the victim of everything and take everything way too personally, I’m paranoid thinking everyone’s secretly judging me, and I keep yelling at people things like “what are you looking at?” “Are you making fun of me right now?” “oh is this why you said___…” “I bet you’re thinking______…” Like i always assume the worst and trust no one. Even when around strangers or while walking in the streets I think people are looking at me for some bad reason although maybe they aren’t even looking at me and it’s just all in my head + why would they be judging me if they know nothing about me and I look very average, I’m aware most of the times it makes no sense but i can’t help feeling attacked constantly. I’m not insecure when it’s just me and myself alone but whenever I’m around people i become incredibly self-conscious and i care way too much of what they might think. I hate overreacting like this cuz i bet it just makes people think im insecure and then they’ll actually think about what i accussed them of thinking but they never actually thought before until i mentioned it.
Last month we went to Paris with my family, I was supposed to have fun but i hated it and couldn’t stop being upset with everything and everyone.

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anuj @anujvohra

Good that you are aware about it…i am sure you will find ways to correct it.


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