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couch potato @thelastpotat...

I don’t know… Well, I met my first date few days back…I meant the first date I ever went to and let me tell you it was nostalgic… But the guy asked for video call for you know that stuff and I agreed… I agreed like what is wrong with me IDK. He said that he likes me but I don’t and he knows… Nowadays I don’t recognize myself… Where was that person who was jolly, had friends and was good in studies?? It is all slowly going away from me… Most of the days I just wanna sit and talk to my friends the whole day.

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2 replies

I guess it takes toll on you emotionally and mentally and then it effect on you badly but i think it is gone now so forgive yourself

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anuj @anujvohra

It can be take some time to come out of it. Pls be safe and I hope you become a better version of yourself. Are you still in touch or you are not taking terms now


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