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I don’t know the reason but I feel like I have been stuck in this pit for some time now . This grey dark place like a swamp and it’s just dragging me down .I don’t know how to explain it but all I can think of is there is this grey cloud looking over my head and this feeling that I’m a disappointment .I break down at the smallest of things , my throat cloggs up . And obviously being the introvert i am I never shared it with anyone. I was never like this . Maybe I should get some professional help but who had that kind of money :/

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Hey, i have been through the same thing. Trust me things get better with time. Workout as much as you can to release your feelings. keep a diary with you and write it out you can tear the pages if you wish to at the end of it. never lose hope and never give up. you are important and we are here for you. everyone goes through mental health problems once in their lifetime we are just early at it


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