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Sesto Dino @krishna994

I don’t know if anyone is gonna read this. But who cares, right?

I’m a guy who have been suddent forced to be in an another city far from home. Don’t onow the local language, work is forever long and hence a screwed up social life.

I was no social butterfly, but i do miss the company of my family and few close friends. I hope atleast some in this platform can relate to the situation

In short,
Depressed, frustrated, just a really steaming pile of mess.

Share yoir thoughts or try to put some life to the comments. It will mean a lot for me.

Thank you to the stranger who stopped and took their time to go through this. Hope you have a great day.
Love u all.

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gurdipsingh @harry66


Sesto Dino @krishna994

Hello brother.

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Pushkar @pushkar254

First it’s not compulsion to be in that city . You can change if its affecting your personal life . Your life is more important than work.
Start talking one to one with people you sorrounded with, no matter what the language barrier. You will start making friends

Sesto Dino @krishna994

Thank you for those kind words. I need to make this work. But this leap is overwhelming qt the moment. I hope all will change soon.

Anand Sharma @raj_

New place can be challenging, specially when it has got a new language along with New people.
Your colleagues are the first in the list to be friends with. Apart from them the locality in which you live can be your social sphere.
If it not works there then join a gym, dance class, yoga class,sports club,rotary club or related organizations. They may not suffice your issue but will surely bring some ease to you.
Hope it helps

Sesto Dino @krishna994

That’s a great idea. And thanks again for the reply. This has made my day.

Anand Sharma @raj_

Glad I can be of some help to you


I’m sorry to hear you are going through a tough time right now. I can only imagine what you must be going through. You said you are a student, hopefully you will be able to meet new people and make new friends. I know it’s not that simple, but I hope you are able to become more comfortable where you are and are able to feel happy again, I can tell by what you said you are a very strong person, I believe you have the strength to get through this. Are you able to contact your family or friends on the phone, maybe it will help talking to them? Everything will be ok, things will fall into place soon. Stay strong, you’ve got this. :)

Sesto Dino @krishna994

I’m not accustomed to people caring about me, so these words truly hit my heart.
thank you so much.

kainaat Shaikh @mishtii

Trust in God, you’ll heal soon 🙂

Sesto Dino @krishna994

Thank you dear.

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