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I don’t know but I always feels so angry I don’t know how to get it out but it’s like this anger is building inside me and anyday it will explode I don’t have someone to whom I can share sometimes I do things in anger that I don’t want but it’s like I try my best to control my anger but don’t know what to do I wish I had siblings who can hug me or just calm me down I want a hug right now but I can’t.


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Trust me siblings make u more angry


I don’t that but I think when no one is with you they are the person who will always be there for yoi


I go through the same…and the fact that we have no one to share our feelings with is so sad…makes me feel lonely sometimes…when I go through bad day(like today) I wanna talk to someone and I have none 😭


Okay you can share it if you wanna. I’m listening…
Third person.


I had a fight with me boyfriend…we all friends meet Today but he didn’t speak to me he didn’t even looked at me and I feel horrible now 😭
We are into long distance relationship…I came back especially to meet him and this is happening… I’ll have to go back soon .then we won’t get to meet for months again 😭


Sorry boldo🙂


FRUSTRATION…. Find a source to remove the anger … working out … painting … idk some hobbies like cycling or something … talking abt why you keep getting angry


It’s so sad that you’re having such a hard time right now. Fortunately, even though the pain you’re suffering today feels unique to you, it actually isn’t-

“What has been is what will be,
And what has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun.” -Ecclesiastes 1:9

This means that if others in similar or even worse conditions found the help they needed to take control of their lives so can you. Question is, what are you willing to give up to become the very best version of yourself?

Talk with your closest friend that might help you out . Spend much time with nature that will help you out more ! Talk to trees this might feel silly and rubbish but you learn to cherish the litdle moments and things ! Don’t keep on saying I have anger issues instead say I can control my Anger ⚡