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i dont have any friends. i dont feel the need to have any friends. all the previous friends ive had have only broken my trust and left me wounded for the next person to do the same. i think that socialisng is NOT one of the basic human needs. does that make a sociopath ?

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hey. I have learnt the same through my experience. but the only think i will say is stay positive. Be the best person you know be it career wise or otherwise. When you dont have people to pull you down, you expand your dreams and understand your abilities.
I think you can talk to me if you feel like. We have similar views about friendships.
p.S. you are NOT a sociopath! The most successful people in the world did not have any good friends.


I feel totally the same way as @theunacknowledged. I have been disappointed so many times by people and want to give up on them. How to be positive when all the experiences have been negative ? Feel like I’m hitting my head on a brick wall


You don’t need an external validation dude!! You’re the best thing for yourself. People always feel insecure when you are better than them. And then they ditch you. You belong to 21st century. You are the BEST! Always believe that.


All these comments are really so sweet and made my day. thank you for all the positivity… thats something i REALLY needed. i will really take up on your advice. Thanks again and may you stay healthy, safe and as positive as you are today.


♥️♥️ Love and positivity always


I am ready to be your friend :)


That’s a really great thing to hear!! Hello friend ! :)


Hello:) nice to meet you


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