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I don’t have any clue how to make friends. I have never been great at it and have only ever had a few friends in my life and I have always gained them through a way of mutual friends. Well now I’m 20 years old and have ended my last and longest friendship because I was finally able to deal with the fact that it was super unhealthy but I was scared to let go because she was my last friend. Now I have no friends and I have no idea what to do. And I’ve started a pattern of talking to people on dating apps because but having no real interest of dating them but just wanting someone to talk to. I’m realizing how this could get out of control and become very unhealthy plus how unfair this is to the other parties involved. I have no idea what to do and how to actually make friends and honestly any advice besides just do it is much appreciated.

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I agree that dating apps aren’t the best way to find friendships. I must say I am proud for you for cutting off any unhealthy friendships even if it was your last one. Sometimes the road gets lonely and I wish I could give you advice on how to make friends but I cannot since a lot of my friends are either from work or from going out partying but idk if you can really consider them friends. Maybe you can pick up a hobby instead and meet ppl there with the same interests? Or workshops in your city ? Go to counseling groups with people who have anxiety. etc? I’ve found that very useful actually, going to a group where you all have something in common, makes you feel very understood.

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Friendship is a a bound that cant be forced upon someone. Dating apps aren’t healthy for making friendships. Try to find your happiness . It is not necessary that only an outsider can make our life lit.No ,it is us. You can convey your emotions well.Probably you can write well, may be a new hobby can be your companion. friendship happens at the most unexpected times.So never force yourself .Stay happy


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