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calcula @mmmmmm

I don’t get privacy…from my mum nd dad
I know they are concerned for me
But i am also smart enough…to handle situation
I don’t even know that there are some things that i can’t tell to them to my friends or to anyone…
I don’t like if someone checks my phone
I mean if tht person thinks that am doing something wrong then …

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Paji S @pajis

Yes, i can very understand that.but i guess you can’t do much as long as you are staying with them. I’m going through the same thing. So i kinda understood that the sooner i can become financially independent, the sooner i can get out of this kind of life.

Ram @ram_1919

U got freedom to install an app like this and post your thoughts, I think u got. Enough use it well…


I so get you! Parents are so invasive and upsetting so much of the time 😣 But don’t always try and look at the down side, though my parents have ruined literally everything for me I always try and do things that take my mind off of my anger and discomfort! Like cleaning or reading.

Sammy @sammy108

I too understand you.Even after being a major,checking phones are quite a bad thing.Its an invasion of privacy even if it’s our parents…They may think they are having an eye on us…,but even our friends confide their personal things with us which are completely not related with our parents…So there is noo need for you to remain silent anymore…Just talk it out with your parents politely…Explain them calmly…And assuré them that u would be right…They will surely understand you.


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