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Gemma @geek93

I don’t even know what I want to get from this post to be honest. I feel so many things… sad, relieved, tired, angry, hurt ect.
So after 10 years of being together, I made the decision to end my relationship with my sons father. I wanted So badly to stay in the relationship and make everything work. He was the person I wanted to spend my life with, the person I wanted to marry and buy a home with. But I’ve felt like I’ve got nothing from him for many years. He wouldn’t spend time with me, from days out to even sitting and watching a movie with me. I would try and try and get nothing back. Then my son came along and I thought this amazing little human might change his ways and he might make more of an effort. But no. I would plan days out and he would say he can’t be arsed. I was the only one to get up and do night feeds when tho I work full time too. I felt like I was doing everything on my own regarding my son and wasn’t even getting the benefits of being a relationship. I know I’ve done the right thing in breaking up and him moving out, so why do I feel so guilty and so depressed. Honestly want to cry all the time. It hurts so bloody much. Now he’s moved out, he’s started having our son when he’s off work (he works 4 on, 4 off). I’ve gone from having my son 99% of the time to not having him for 3 nights. I feel lost. But at least my ex seems to be stepping up for our son. I just wished he could of done this from the start. I don’t understand 😭

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Saurabh Kumar @aesthete131...

It’s really sad to use u are expressing such issues in life, let’s have a conversation if u wanna vent things out and find a safe place for talking.
We can have a conversation right now.

Muaaz Chohan @muaaz

Look at your 10 year past life. You did your 100 percent and they give you nothing. You deserve a good life May be you have now more 30 to 40 years more. So keep enjoy move on find new person. You need to be strong from your heart. I also know the feeling of mom about his son. So definitely when ever he need you he come to you and you feel ok because you are mom and he definitely come to you. Whenever he come to you give him nice food that one he like. Also you need a good man who care about you who know the value of women.


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