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I do not know anymore that what I am really interested in, I feel like nothing can cheer me up, I do not know what to do, I just sit on the couch and think why am I like that.
I do not have energy to do anything, even watch a movie or TV. Nothing feels good anymore.

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you know I can totally understand.
I know it been a long and nobody replied to you here, but if you are still going through this, I would like to suggest something.(coz I am going through this still)

1. What i think you should do is, list out some things. The things that you always wanted to try out, your hobbies or anything.
2. try doing something new every day. or maybe one new thing in 2/3 days.
3. Do something educational too, to increase your intellect or like do something related to what you want to do as your career.

This is just a feeling that you are having. You know you can overcome it.
You need to just pop out of your comfort zone and only you can do this, no one else.

I hope you do have a great day ahead and get some strength in yourself to do better for yourself.


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