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i crave adventures, reckless harsh heartbeats, blood moon faces, sun blushing ferociously on us after, as if a chaste kiss from your lover’s lips on the dance floor, a passion drive, sparks fly from the core of words, soft voice serenading the act of being awake, and dreaming, and living/ rollercoasters with destinations unknown, few warm pictures burning with fireworks of euphoria. electricity as the horizon paints itself in acrylic colours and we carry our memories around like a canvas. until they wither into artist’s block/unworthy/unsatisfactory.
we reemerge, yellow and in blush toned hours, evolution of heat from the passion within. when you speak your hope out of your heart, you feel like the new year. blue, blue sky reflects in shadow you cast yourself into. broken records are tossed away, they have to be and you, as electric to ignite the countryside you’ve lived your whole life and burn the ground beneath the buildings born out of intelligence with a flicker. claiming innumerable days as ours—the most beautiful moments in life, carving memories with rose hands. the sunlight and the afternoon, the waiting, longing and loving—spectrum of heartbeats and wishes, blooming death of the evening sky, to be reborn again in gold blush.

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so so so very deep!




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