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I constantly feel like iam incapable of doing anything….earlier i had people around me who trusted me who motivated me always which kinda kept me going ahead in life but now i dont and i cant go back to those people for some reason or the other…. Iam in damn need of some positivity and a person who could say they belive that i will do some good to my life and to others as well!!!but it seems like the person i got married to cant understand this and cant make me feel special enough for his own reasons…iam in a big mess i cant get out of

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Shall we talk in DM?

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Harmanpreet K. @harmanpree...

Hey girl,
We can connect over chat to discuss it in further detail.
I totally understand your situation and empathise with you.
Your circumstances have made you suffer due to which you have low self esteem and self confidence. I can guide your through the way.
Let’s connect over chat :)✨🫶🏻
Harmanpreet K


What happened


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