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I can’t stop overthinking. My boyfriend and I are going through a really rough patch. We’re both not doing well because of the lockdown either. But I can’t stop thinking that he doesn’t love me anymore. I have the tiniest triggers and I’m trying to control it- for the sake of both our mental healths. It feels like neither of us can help the other one. I want to support him without overthinking this every second but it’s so overpowering.

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Hi there!

I have very similar kind of situation going on. My girlfriend and I are having some emotional glitches as well. This happened right after we came back from a really nice trip. Now she has time for everyone else but not for me. Now I can’t stop thinking over… was it me who messed things up between us or everything that is happening is to do with something else.


I’m going through a similar phase. I think my boyfriend is busier than me, and so I feel like I’m the one who’s trying to make all the efforts, he is too, but it is less than what it used to be. And not like I should be overthinking this, but this triggers my worries from a past relationship, and makes me question if I did the right thing opening up to someone. Don’t get me wrong, he loves me a lot, and shows it too. But it just isn’t as much as it used to be.

Maybe the solution to it is, that love is never 50-50, sometimes somebody has to step it up and at other times, the other person needs to put in more effort. That’s all the logic I’m using to justify this phase. There were times, when he was the one putting in the efforts to keep us afloat even when I wasn’t sure if I wanted the relationship or not. So, now I’m giving it my all, till I can, in the hopes that it will be enough to get us through.

Hope it works out for you two, too! <3


Yup I agree with you, we forget that in a relationship we are individual ppl too, sometimes things happen, mood changes or we change as individuals, I feel like relationships should be more like two individual ppl growing together rather than two ppl dependent on eachother for growth. If you work on yourself, yourself everything works, you shouldn’t be dependent on someone else to solve your problems or evolve you, you should solve them yourself. Yes you must share them with your problems and ask them for advice but being totally dependent on them is unfair, I feel like a partner should be an amazing add on to your life and not someone who is the source of your happiness.
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