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I am worried about myself I just wants to kill myself. I just wants to hurt myself. I felt empty. I want ro ran away. But if I will ran away what does will they say about my studies. I’ll have to repeat and continue to look down on me. I need a fucking person who will listens with my rants and all. They say I need a guy but isn’t it involving in love life would be too much for me? I have so many things I am thinking of. And I don’t want to add another one.

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

Hey there girl. Thank you for opening up. Being suicidal is a tough place to be in. Please call a suicide helpline (AASRA: +919820466726) immediately if you’re about to harm yourself.

It’s difficult not to think about what other people will think about us, but for the next few minutes, let’s forget that there’s anyone in this world other than you and me.
Why do you want to run away? Are you trying to escape something? If so, is there any way it can be fixed without running away? Do you feel lonely? Do you have friends or family you can try talking to? What are the thoughts that consume your mind space? Are they too burdensome?

This is a platform where you can rant without any judgement. Feel free to spill all your thoughts. Someone will listen to it, help you with your feelings.

A relationship is a beautiful and delicate thing, where love and care is mutual. Expecting someone to listen to your rants usually isn’t a reason for a healthy relationship, because you might actually just be looking for someone to lend an ear to you, and that might be unfair to the other person in the relationship, who might thing you have real feelings for him.

Also, please put a trigger warning on your post. It’s important to make this platform a safe space where people don’t get uncomfortable or triggered.


Umm thank you kavyahanesh. I’m a bit okay now I have a found a solution to my problem to where or to whom I can vent out. I have friends but you know they do jave problems too and I don’t want to be a burden. And about whom I can vent out I have a diary of mine to write my feelings. I have a serious trust issues about the people around me that’s why I always feel paranoid whenever they will tell the ones I told them like my secrets to others. You know because I think they are girls like those kind of thing. That’s why.

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

Trusting people is difficult business. It’s okay to not trust everyone. Some people don’t have the sensitivity and sensibility to carry secrets.
I’m really glad that you’ve found a solution. Hope it’s making you feel better.
Keeping a diary is a great idea as we also get to see the improvements and changes in our thoughts over time. Feels good to see progress :)
Also, it’s okay to share things with trustworthy friends, you’re not burdening them. People who genuinely care for you won’t see this as burdensome.
Take care ❤️


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