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palz @palz_18

I am that daughter who has been sent for studies far from home and i am near to complete my graduation and my parents are keep on asking about my job,society is questioning them about my job status…i don’t why i am sad…is that because of society or my parents expectations 😔😔

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Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Tell me this thing first
Did you wanted to have a job after graduation?

palz @palz_18

I want to but there is still time right!!
I don’t want to rush

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Then you are sad cause you might be thinking that you failed your own expectations… I could be harsh but maybe true🙂
Please take care and try to think about it

palz @palz_18

Yeah i am feeling that i failed,but why should i prove others,why can’t i have my life…why should i struggle just to answer the society…why my parents aren’t with me

Artistic Teen @artistic_sa...

Let me tell you something
It doesn’t matter what people think of you… It really doesn’t…
But it does matter when your close ones think of you… and that’s why you are sad cause you think that your parents are not happy with you
They are but the fact is they always want best of you and they always want you to be successful that’s why they might be sad that you are not looking for a job
If you wouldn’t be getting one. It’s a diff thing cause you tried but failed
But thing here is that you didn’t tried
Buddy atleast try to find some jobs
You’ll be happy for sure and they too
Please take care and you can text me anytime if you wanna talk about anything

.. @dzzie

Yeah sometimes we do have more pressure not because of we don’t do hard work but because of our parents expections to us and what other people will say … But u should firstly think that’s it’s your life … so do what’s make u happy. Just … ignore other things and yeah. Do best for ur parents too


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