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I am so tired of my life that I wanna commit suicide but i donโ€™t know what stops me all the time from doing this.

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Avni @avni


Maybe because you dont actually want to die and you just want to fully live? I am not sure if i am correct or even remotely close with my hypothesis, but in my opinion, people naturally dont want to die. They want the pain of their existence or the problems in it to stop. And feeling that way is okay. You just maybe dont resonate with who who have been all this while and living with that โ€œsetโ€ identity is not coherent with the now you. I suggest you indulge in self care and introspection. Read, travel, bring your attention back within, move, run , dance, but dont remain stagnant with this pain. This needs to be channeled. :) I hope this helps.:)


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