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I am so fed up of my life now Its been 5 months now My dad doesnt let me do engineering anywhere He wants me to do engineering only if theres 100% scholarship I bagged admission in US and turkey universities but he forcibly got me admitted for BCA必 And now when a university called for admission for in Hyderabad he didnt let me go there too必 he just keep saying I dont have money to spend on you必 hows that possible? He has alot of property 必 he easily sent my sister for without any second thoughts and when it was time for me 必 he didnt let me do it. Instead he wanted me to do job right after 12th which I was offered by HCL but I didnt take it since then he has been mad on me必

Mai kya karu yaar Ab kisi se baat karnay ka b dil nai karta必

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