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i am sick and tired of having to take the stress and feel bad for things that I’m not able to get done or do good at. i am going to start organising my life and getting it back on track. the lockdown has taken a toll on me, productivity-wise and now I am NOT going to let it get to me. i have lost my sense of self, my confidence, my self esteem, my self worth, my self faith, my enthusiasm, my work ethic, my focus. but now I am working. working towards regaining all that I have lost. covid-19 can go to hell.

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Cheering for you! <3


Great, i can sense your confidence and determination in order to beat the life pause that the pandemic has put us into. Its okay if some days you aren’t productive , ITS OKAY to do nothing somedays. Life is full of ups and downs , i assure you you’ve started the journey of self love and belief it will ease your journey. FYI You are doing soo great. Keep growing and stay home stay safe❤️


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