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I am really sick and hence anxious as to when will I recover. I am starting a new job Monday and I am very worried about everything πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


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Hey! If you’re sick you’ll recover! Just like the way after the night there’s always morning, you too will recover. And you should be happy about it, its your new job!!! It will be so exciting. Don’t worry about anything and look forward to your job. Trust me on this, you’ll feel a lot better about it once your day ends on Monday.

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Dont worry you will be fine. And don’t let your mind fill with negative thoughts. You are going to give your best. Stay positive.


Worry less and stay calm


Hey, we all go through this. I personally too feel really anxious when I am about to start something new. It is tough, but you can overcome it by realizing that feeling anxious will result in nothing. Try to understand the situation at a deeper level and plan out what you wish to do.

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