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I am really frustrated out now a days. i have a female friend who has a strong take on her opinions. whenever i speak she held me by her opinions. my opinions arent that strong or whatever that i cannot convince her on any point. its like she says that your opinions are bad and judge me according to those opinions on which i feel really really bad. anybody could help me out ?

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Always remember facts are stronger than opinions, especially when you can back them up with a simple “just google it”. But there are also people who can’t see that they are wrong and will stick with there opinions even when the proof that they are wrong is right in their face. I have a coworker he is unable to say he is wrong and always tried to talk his way out so I stopped arguing and started to give empty answers like “yeah of course” and he realized that I just want to get of any conversation we have. Because he liked working with me he changed but this is a very childish solution and I wouldn’t try it on someone you care about and want a relationship.


If someone can’t even accept someone else’s opinion they are not a good friend.


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