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Sheza Sajid @escapevelocit...

I am officially disgusted and hate all human I dont even know why but I just suddenly have this weird feeling where I just cant stand being near someone who can have the power of being so manipulative. Or maybe Im just jealous that I dont have a group of friends… I dont really know what it is but Im starting to hate/distrust all people including myself and its a very unfamiliar feeling its like that thing where everyones going to eventually die alone and youll be alone forever and people are temporary. Basically I dont know what Im feeling but its not nice

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Sabazius @sabazius

It’s fine. It happens but It’ll get better with time. Trust me

Goutam @lazylad



Sometimes i can’t stand even my family or best friends
Don’t know if someone relate to this…

Anonymous @somebitterswee...

Same situation here :/


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