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Himanshu ji @himanshu_69

I am not writing but using text to speech
Do you know  one thing can reduce your all problems up to 50% which is journaling

 I am too lazy as fuck and a biggest  procrastinator individual  I guess

By journaling myself I want to become productive and organised but not yet become in my mind I just only think about writing every thing in organised and every thing in in my life should be organised

 Like my timings
what to talk
how the career will go out
how people talk

I don’t know my life what is going on and I don’t have anyone And I don’t know how to maintain how to put someone but I don’t know how to talk being happy and interestfully

 I am thinking  this is my comfort zone one I don’t want to get approached don’t want to approach

But I think I am shallow inside okay I don’t have nothing  to do apart from being and Video Editor.
 I think I just want to be  perfect man alive and thoughts/actions one who makes the person first or imperfect.

 I think successful people are the one who are the consistent and yet focused well

and they don’t have any special abilities like they are also a dumb human.

What do you think like should you  extract time yourself or anything for a moment or just think all day and don’t work like me

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