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I am not sure what’s going on with me.But something’s a bit off.And I have started hearing from people that I am not replying their messages and I don’t feel Like doing it.

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Its okay, it’s totally okay to just leave things as it is for the sake of peace with ourself. It’s okay to not to do things if you are not feeling it. It’s okay, take a break.

Aryan Panchal @aryan18

See it’s okay sometimes to not be able to get a clear idea of what’s going on with us or what we are feeling. You should spend some time alone with yourself and know yourself better and then come back in the picture becoming a lot more stable and stronger. And if there is anything you want to talk about you can tell me 😊

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Ishu♥️ @butterfly_06

Its completely normal… everyone feels that way…like uh r no longer interested in any person…but soon uh hve ur magic again ♥️

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PIYUSH @drpk

I do RESPECT ur ideas
It’s bitter truth

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