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I am not depressed, just my feelings are suppressed. I don’t feel like talking about how I feel to anyone because they either judge too early or they don’t try to understand at all and pass out generic sympathy. It’s not that I am limiting my feelings to myself for the first time. I try to inhale positivity and exhale toxic feelings but that requires a calm and soothing environment which is not something that I have. For once strangers will understand and relate to how you feel because they’ve been there, but the people who are close to you don’t even try to trace whatever you’re saying and hence you’re forced to shut up. I cry to bed everyday because expressing feelings is not something I’m good at and understanding my feelings is not what people are good at.

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It’s true…Same story here… Can we talk?


Hi, I don’t know what your problems are. But I’m here trying to help you out from this situation.
First of all i’m not a psychologist or blogger. i’m an ordinary person like you. So I’ll share some steps which i’ll follow when I feel bad which might also help you.
1) Whatever the situation or hardship I’ll try to calm down myself. As i know stressing over things or feeling bad about what has happened going to make my symptoms even worse. ( In your case i think you feel like that nobody cares about you ) just my assumption if not right apologize me😃.
2) I’ll Identify the root cause of my problem or bad mood. (There may or may not be any reason behind it)
3) If you’ve found any reason just ponder over it and think of yourself does this gonna help you to make your mood better. Surely not. stop thinking of bad consequences and negative thinking which makes you even worse( I’ve experienced that negative thoughts are more attracted than positive thoughts because we choose negative over positive )
4) For every arising negative thought counter it with three or more positive thoughts.( This can be difficult at first but when your used to it you can overcome whatever bad feeling your facing with )
Finally It’s all about your mindset, everyone chooses to be happy but still they wanna adopt the wrong way. mind and thoughts are your biggest asset. Think wisely.
Be happy.😃


Very well said… actually I need a female friend who will understand my feelings, can guide me… motivate me…and will have a healthy conversation with her…


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