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I am in love with my friend since a year and a half now. Told her 6 months back that, I like her, sort of proposal on chat, but she ignored it. We are very good friends now and I have started loving her more now, and she is totally unaware of this. Also this makes me feel sad at times and sometimes it aches in the heart What should I do ?

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Simran @st1199


It was your choice to tell her how you feel and still be friends when she ignored which means she doesn’t feel the same way. In exceptional cases she does but doesn’t feel it right to say, ask her directly?

Also, loving someone doesn’t have to mean that they feel the same but love her even seeing with someone else and being happy. If you feel hurt then it’s better to either dissolve those feelings in order to be friends for life or part ways before it’s too late to leave and it aches more than before. The decision is yours!


I have been through the same situation buddy. It’s hard. Difficult. Let me tell you, don’t pretend to be her friend. Find out if she feels same about you. Let her know what you feel. It will affect your friendship majorly but if you guyd have strong bond she will politely reject and still be the same. You know how your best friend is so act accordingly. Hiding your feelings won’t help.
Goodluck pal!


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