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Gayathri @g3

I am feeling so lonely and I don’t have anyone to talk to…going through very unstable relationships…I was diagnosed with bpd…feeling empty sad angry…idk what else

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Then you have to respond me

mandyboyy @mandyboyy

May i


It’s okay, everything will be okay. Do you want to take about anything in particular.

icybear @icy_bear_

Relationships are always unstable , if ita not equal both the sides , don’t get grinded by anyone okay hon , you’re precious comon treat yourself have fun , don’t let anyone influence your mood

avishkar @aviiii

True bro appreciate it

ritik jaiswal @jaiswalriti...

Can i help u on this ?

Dark World @john23

You are not lonely every 10 out of 7 people in this world think he’s lonely but that’s not true you have a parent , one honest friend ,
And some sweet relatives which motivate you … so don’t think you are lonely you are just frustrated because of the uncertainty event which happened with you…
Take some time to spend some quality time with him/her self you gone be okk
So just chill and relax

manoj kumar @8290654783


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