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I am feeling really upset that I get compared to my older sister, and i get it she is better looking than me, smarter than me, nicer, and goes out with friends and does productive stuff. While i on the other hand am fat, ugly, stay in my room most of the time, and play video games. When i paint or drawing they think it’s nothing, i don’t get complemented for it, ohhh no but when my sister does it she get’s complemented. Most of the time when i try to be part of what they are talking ( they=mom and sister) i get left out, same goes with dad. And now to top it off I am now getting compared to my younger sister, do they seriously not understand the pain they are causing me?? I try to be like them but it never matters because my sisters are always going to be better than me even if i try my hardest. My parents are slowly making me turn against my sisters, I am slowly starting to hate them more and more as the days go by.
My chest hurts, i can feel the pain they all cause me

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sweet @supersweetpie

I know it’s hard to hear this, but trust me honey. It’s all going to be okay. Maybe you don’t see it but you are perfect the way you are right now. Being compared to others must hurt you so bad, but honey you don’t have to believe what others have to say to you. You can believe me when I say that you are enough and worthy. Everything that you’ve done, is amazing. You are amazing sweetheart.

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