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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

I am feeling lonely. I recently broke up and I had to drop out of masters for some reasons. I have no one to talk to. I feel suicidal. I don’t even want to stay in my family. I am failing at everything.

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Simran @st1199

It’s okay.
Take your time.
Feel better, give yourself some days to recover and then start fresh and introspect into everything. There is no rush. Life can wait but your mental wellbeing can’t.


Don’t worry. Just give some time to yourself. Keep yourself involved in some activities throughout the day. Play, spend time with others. Just don’t sit idle.
Hope you will be fine soon :)


hey , try not to give up. I 2 been facing some hard times and I been feeling like whts my purpose in being here because everything I try jus doesn’t seem to work for me but u know what did praying. Now what ever you believe in I support you but its better to believe in some instead of nothing. Today I got really sad and I cried told myself I was nothing told myself I wasn’t strong but I knew something inside of me was different. I ask god to guide me and clear my path beczause no lie its been a little blurry but we cant jus give up you cant jus give up forget ur brake up and forget school for a second and ask ur self what was my life lesson behind this ?


I am doing quite alright in my career for someone that comes from my background. I have great friends that will always be there for me. But sometimes, I do feel lonely, I am yet to get someone I feel a strong connection to. Recently, I became extra close to a good friend of mine, and I thought a connection was building but he told me that wasn’t the case and I feel so stupid on how I misread the signals, I would have given other people a chance to get to know me better this year instead of getting stuck like I am right now. I just wished I was somewhere around the world where society won’t judge me for who I am and what I aspire to be. I wouldn’t mind being at the height of my career and forging a name for myself without the pressure of having a life partner until I meet ‘The One’, but I am painfully aware this is just wishful thinking and I will never be able to do that. I know I have a lot of potential yet to be uncovered, but the pressure that comes with having a life partner from where I come from makes me feel so sad.


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