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Just coment anything it makes me feel better please.
I am a very very very ridiculous person …I’m not a good sis and so not a good daughter …I fight with my family all the time like ALL THE TIME … My brother understand me but now I fought with him too and now I have no one to talk to …Nobody understand me forget about understanding they don’t even listen …They love I know but it’s hard for me to just keep it in …I literally cry every single day …I’m getting frustrated over what even I don’t know…They ask me what’s the problem I DON’T KNOW… Now what I am sitting here all alone frustrated depressed I can’t do this anymore I’m getting so tired of all this …

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Thank you for “Hang in there” :'), hope u have a nice day for tomorrow


If you don’t know what your problem is then you still should tell the people who love you that you feel weird and sad, tell them that you’re not okay and that you don’t know why you’re not okay and if they love you they’ll try to understand.
I hope you find a way to feel better soon, but arguing and fighting with people you love won’t solve a thing, i suggest you open up to them because communication is very important.


What exactly are you trying to make them understand. Put it in front of us , maybe we can simplify and help you convey it to them ?

If you want to you can let us know. We want to help .

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