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I am a very sensitive person and lately because i gained a lot of weight (95kg) I’m always insecure that my bf might cheat on me. I keep doubting him and this irritation caused him to loose his love for me. Now he said he wants to break up because he finds me too self centric. But from my heart i keep doing as much as I can for the relationship…my only mistake is i keep nagging him about people he speaks with…and yes there are ppl who flirt with him but that shud not be my concern as long as he is not flirting back…I took matters into my hand and started regularly working out with right diet. I really want to let go of my toxic nature and enjoy life more like I used to do few years back. How do I get myself to stop thinking about what he is doing where is he going. Cheating etc?

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Agar usa tum par cheat karna hota to wo phala he kar data yaa fir agar usa tumhari wajha sa koi sharam aati to wo phala he chodh data I think he Loves you so much so don’t irritat him that much btw u should tell him about your insecurity and let him make u feel comfortable
Trust him or else u should break up (it’s better than a toxic relationship)or else ask him for a break
Lots of love and support from~


Haan vo bhi yhi khta hai ki agar mujhe cheat karna hota to mei kab ka karchuka hota. I trust him…he is not being toxic…I am in fact. I just want to end my thoughts of thinking he is out there cheating on me. Im not understanding ki kaise kare. Hopefully ye gyming, gaming, mediation helps me soon. Thank you so much for the care and support ❤️🥲

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