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Rohith @rohithaacha

I am 33 year old. I have been married for 6 years and i have a kid of 3 year old. i work at a electronics retail shop. i joined as a partner. he is my fried. because he is my friend, even after me performing bad, my friend has asked me to draw a fixed sum of money every month. i know what he has done to me is a big thing still i dont feel grateful and work wife hates me for this and keeps fighting with we. still i dont feel that i have to work hard.I feel tired all the time. i feel i dont have any energy. i dont feel like doing anything. i feel am a useless person and cant do anything in live. nothing can happen to me. i jus keep looking at my mobile and scrolling at youtube videos. i thought i am not liking this work and i started a new venture of snacks repacking. i buy snacks and i pack in my brand name and sell it. i have invested in it and still i dont feel like working for it. i love my kid. i love playing with him.

i want to earn and buy a house and buy my favorite ford eco sport car.

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HR537 @hr537


Bhai dher sari positive vibes to you… You will improve… Not in your shoes but still lot of power to you for still willing to make things right for urself and family

Rohith @rohithaacha


Thank you brother. hope everything comes on track. soon.


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