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I am 30 year old married women…and now I am blessed with baby girl ,she is 5 month old now I loved no one else in this world as much as I love her so I feel protective about her. My FIL is not a nice person .and I live with my inlaws …and husband…cause my 11 year nephew also complaint me once about her grandfather (my fil) and my 5 month baby get so happy when she saw my FIL…he play with her …she giggle a lot …even she like him more than her parents and anyone else …but I got worried the way he touched her sometimes…I don’t want to give my baby girl this type of atmosphere…I also don’t have any support of my husband…I think everytime to get out of this place with my baby girl …i am educated but jobless now …also due to lockdown…all i want to live peacefully with my baby girl at some another place far from these people and to give better life to my daughter…what should i do please suggest??

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Hello…I am so sorry that you are going through this right now, specially in the middle of the lockdown.
Have you tried speaking to your parents about this, do they live in the same city as you? Is that an option? If you can go and live with them for a while till the time you don’t settle down yourself.
I agree with you that neither your baby and nor you should live in such an atmosphere where you have to be cautious at all times. It won’t be healthy for the both of you. I know it will be a tough decision and move but I am sure you have the strength to do it.
What about your closest friends and cousins? Can someone support you for a little while? Someone who will understand the situation and might be willing to help out?
What about the parents of your nephew? They never complained about this? Maybe they support you through this situation?
Take care and please don’t feel that you’re doing something wrong by leaving your husband’s house, you’re just doing what’s good for you and your baby.


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