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I am 20 years old. Still single and a virgin.
Ans it´s not like People aren’t interested. Sometomes I feel like it’s just me. Being Me.
Since 2 month I start making more experience. I call it the ladder of experience. Step by step Things happen.
Now I am at a Point I started Dating a Person. We meet every week. I dont want to tell him that many Things are new for me. And someties I feel like I force myself to do Things bc I don’t know how long meting this Person will hold on.
And more and more I realise how much anxiety I gor and how afraid I am to come People close no matter emotional/notemotional. So often I feel like everything is to much. Like I can’t handle everything. And so often I am so much in my head like I ain’t there. Since last year I get to know myself better and better. I’ve Always been a very self reflected Person but wow there is so much more I wasn’t Aware of. And I try to work on myself and handle Things and I don’t know why I write this know and I don’t know who cares but yeah, Maybe it will help me understand.
So obviously going into relationship no matter which - is one Thing I am working on. And I have to learn a lot. I have to care About myself . I know where I have to say stop and no. I Need to learn to say no. And I Need to find a way to not force myself into stuff. I have to take care of myself and I will.

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No one 111 @jarul

Sex is a very personal journey. Even if someone else is involved in the process, you’ll come to discover that you as an individual stop feeling like a spectator and more independent. The fact that you already know that you can’t rush into it, is already very telling of how much you’re going about it the right way.


hey xxnonamexx i’m 21 and still a virgin, if that somehow helps? I’m glad you’re talking about setting boundaries because honestly learning to say no is such an important lesson, and it needs to be talked about more. i learned through experience that I should say no to things that make me uncomfortable and how it is important to understand oneself before trying to be in a relationship and commitment and understanding the other person. you are very correct when you say, you have to care about yourself.


You will learn something new about yourself every single day and that’s beautiful part about life. Something new to look forward to everyday. I am so glad that you’ve learnt that you need to work on yourself and take care of yourself at such a young age. So proud of you for that. I hope you always remember that don’t make the other person your entire life and focus on yourself!!!


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