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I am 17 years old, So my ex girlfriend broke up with me a couple months back because her family wanted to focus on making her career, we both didn’t wanted that but we didn’t had an option. A few days went by and i made out with a girl which she got to know about . She was very hurt after hearing this. I really love her and now i want her back. I know i made a mistake but i thought it would help we move on but it didn’t it made me feel more bad and i am very guilt for what i did. I want to know if there’s any chances if i can have her back in my life and if yes then how can i get her back??
P.s. The girl is very strong headed and ig wont change her decision that easily.

5 replies

She can comeback try to make her feel special try clear out your misunderstanding… be honest from next time

Ansh Sadhwani @sadhu321

Thanks 😊

Prachi Maurya @prachi266

Welcome ✨


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