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I am 16 years old and I think I have a problem expressing myself in front of a group of people. I realized it was a pretty serious problem when the computer science teacher asked us if we knew how to solve a problem, and I knew how to solve it, but I didn’t raise my hand to say the solution. I know that the simple answer to my problem is just to say what I think even if it’s good or bad, but I simply feel it’s too hard for me and I don’t understand why.
(I’m sorry for bad english, but isn’t my main language.)

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Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Hey , its pretty common. I was kind of like you in high school too . Even if i knew the answer, i hesitate to say it . I was too shy and was afraid what if i said something wrong , something like this and kept overthinking. It will only give you stress. Try taking one step at a time. Try participating a little in class everyday . If you know the answer then don’t overthink and just say it because overthinking will do nothing but will cause stress.

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

This may be social anxiety! Don’t fret though. This is something you can overcome. I think you need to take steps towards not thinking about what others think of you.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

Hey, it’s either coz you’re shy or maybe you fear being judged. Either ways, try speaking in public a little more everyday. It will help you open up progressively.

Prem @prem

I suggest you think of the things come your mind when you feel like raising your hand.Is it the entire class staring at you when you opt to answer? Is it someone from class you secretly like and scared to commit any stupid thing in front of him?
It can be anything,let it come out.You may write it down on paper.One thing you have to remember that while doing this,you need to be very non-judgemental about your feelings.Whatevar the feelings may be,let them come out without hesitation.
I can assure you that once you are done with above thing you will feel 75% of your mental burden has already lighten.
Next step would be to observe others who answer as well as make mistakes while answering.How do they react?Do they carry their mistakes burden even after class?

In my case when I struggle with something to do for the first time (like stepping into the gym which I did last month) my best guide is to follow the person I find comfortable to approach.

All the best to you ??


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